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Om (or Aum, ॐ), the sacred syllable, is one of the most sacred Hindu symbols and mantras (the chanting of sacred words or sounds). OM is considered the primitive divine vibration of the Universe representing all existence. The mother of all sounds, AUM is equivalent to AMEN in the Christian tradition. The sound AUM allows to purify body, mind and the surroundings. To listen to OM


Johanne Delisle is a certified Hatha yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 200 hour level (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) who has been practicing for over 15 years. She completed her first teacher training in 2004. Since then, she has studied Iyengar yoga (in India and France) and Anusara yoga (in Thailand, Bali -Indonesia and Canada). She has taught yoga in Asia, Europe, North America, Central America and now offers retreats in the jungle of Peru. Johanne's teaching style is alignment-based whether in gentle yoga, Hatha yoga or vinyasa style classes. Johanne also completed teacher trainings in prenatal yoga, yoga for seniors and yoga for children. In addition, while in India, Johanne studied and received her Reiki Master certification, an energy healing technique that focuses on the use of the hands to transfer energy.

It is with the intention of creating a special place to gather, practice, share and learn about healthy living that Johanne started her yoga project at Tambo Ilusión. Johanne is now pleased to invite yoga teachers to offer their retreats in the beautiful conservation area of Tambo Ilusión.

Yoga space

One's yoga practice begins as one enters Tambo Ilusión property and is embraced by Pachamama or Allpamama (mother earth). Its striking natural setting: the mountains, the valley, the natural spring which has formed a gorgeous lagoon and stream, the beautiful tropical foliage and the sounds of nature make ACP Tambo Ilusión a marvelous setting for a beautiful yoga practice. The "maloca", a round structure built of natural materials from the local area, was built with the intention of being a yoga space as well as a space for holding sacred traditional ceremonies, full moon women's circles and other such events. The spacious "maloca" has a beautiful wooden floor, is screened-in, has a great view of the surrounding nature and is equipped with yoga props and accessories. It has a good "om-bience".

In August 2014, Tambo Ilusión was featured in "El Comercio", the most prestigious Peruvian newspaper who published an article about the top 5 refuges to practice yoga in Peru. We are thrilled and we have no doubt that Tambo Ilusión is a wonderful place for holding retreats.

Good reasons to practice yoga

Practicing yoga is fun, interesting, inspiring, empowering, and so much more. Here are some very good reasons to practice yoga regularly.

To breathe

To move

To stretch

To improve posture (good posture is shown to have positive effects on your confidence, self-image and mental well-being)

To challenge yourself

For a new perspective

To be present

To reduce stress

To improve overall health

To reach a state of deep relaxation, both physically and mentally

Just for the fun of it

So start today!