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After learning about our vision and objectives in "About us", it is clear that there is much to be done in order to create a "virtual circle", a model that, we hope, will demonstrate to the community that on a small property, it is possible to coexist with nature without plundering its resources and thus encourage sustainable coexistence between man and his environment.

For this purpose, we offer ecological, conservation and ecotourism volunteer opportunities. Enjoy the wonders of nature and help conserve a part of the Amazon forest by participating in a variety of activities such as tree planting, trail maintenance, research activities, developing a medicinal garden, sustainable living, food production, etc.

If you have a specialty and want to contribute to our project, please contact us. If you are willing to help us with the maintenance: housekeeping, keeping bathrooms and common areas clean, helping out in the kitchen, painting, etc. you are also welcome. We are looking for people who like to do physical work. If you want to come and lend a hand, please write us.

Also, ACP Tambo Ilusión is happy to invite university students in their final semester, university graduates and postgraduate students of various specialities to our volunteer program to develop their skills and perform studies in fields related to the environment, flora and fauna of this ecosystem.

For our project to grow we need the help and expertise of persons interested in participating in the following fields:

Develop a project to get funding for reforestation and forest restoration of degraded pastures (forest engineer).

Develop a permaculture project (permaculture specialist).

Conduct an inventory of bushes, shrubs and vines (botanist).

Conduct an inventory of insects (entomologist).

Plan and elaborate a landscape design for a projected botanical garden and to improve the visual appearance of Tambo Ilusión (landscape architect).

Measure the ecosystem services (average tree biomass) of ACP Tambo Ilusión to estimate carbon credits (CERs) (forester ecosystem services specialist).

Apply final coat of earthen plaster to the cob buildings (bioconstruction specialist).

We also need help with these daily activities:

Manual work for the vermiculture (composting with worms) project

Nursery maintenance.

Chefs who specialize in wholesome, vegetarian cuisine.

We also welcome:

A grant writer to apply for conservation project funding.

We want volunteers who are hard workers with initiative and who work well without supervision. We expect volunteers to help out with daily chores around the ACP - cleaning, cooking, raking, sweeping, etc.

We are looking for someone willing to stay at least two weeks. Work is six days a week, 6 hours a day. We charge 60 USD/week. This covers a bed in a dorm room, vegetarian meals 6 days a week (there are no meals served on Sundays), and 14 hectares open for exploration. Laundry service is not included.

If you have a valuable skill set you can offer, please contact us.


My stay in Tambo Ilusión was full of magical moments. Between Johanna's cooking, Armando's stories, dips in the spring, hikes, and wildlife watching, my quick jaunt in paradise flew by. Armando and Johanna are entirely devoted to Tambo Ilusión and their passion is contagious. Though I had only just met them, I felt at home immediately. I spent hours discussing and sharing experiences with them and with guests. Everyone brings with them unique and personal insights from which we can all learn.

As an ecovolunteer, I worked on oxygenating and relayering the compost, planting trees, general outdoor maintenance, cooking, increasing visibility online, and helping with guests. Johanna taught me how to use superfoods and how to prepare healthier meals. Armando taught me about the local ecology and the challenges they face while managing an ACP. Both of them taught me that, with love anything is possible. Above all, I now understand that for all the laws and environmental studies that benefit conservation, it's the people who work ceaselessly on the ground to protect our natural spaces that are the true heroes of conservation. They spread the seeds of hope. Their efforts remind us that every single one of us can do more to protect the environment - by supporting those who fight and making changes in our own lives to decrease our environmental impact. I wish them all the positive energy in the world. And it infuses me with hope to know that, for as much as modern society denies it, the elves of the forest still exist.

Krysia Solheim
Yale University
Masters in Environmental Management, 2015

For more information on the ecovolunteer program and to apply please contact us.