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Muchas muchas muchas gracias por todo. I am very grateful for the wonderful experience I had these past five days during the yoga retreat. Words fall short to describe how good and at peace I felt here at your beautiful little paradise Tambo Ilusión. The yoga sessions, meditation, Reiki, apiculture and nutritious delicious meals made me experience sensations, emotions and a relaxed state of mind I have never felt before. I am very very grateful to this all. I have felt deep love for myself, yoga, the jungle with all its animals and insects. In other words I have felt deep love for everything that surrounded me and with whom I live my life on this beautiful and amazing world. ...I feel my body, heart and my wings have grown bigger after spending time here. That's why I would like to thank you again with all my heart and light.

Berber Meinderstsma, Friesland, Holland

We weren't quite sure what to expect on this trip but this time we spent in Tambo Ilusión surpassed all our expectations and we're sad that we have to leave so soon. It's not often that you meet people who are so willing to share their time and their home with people they've never met and have the ability to make them feel like family. You've given us more in these few days than we could ever hope to give in return. We'll do our best to make your dream of Tambo Ilusión grow in whatever way we can. Armando, it's really inspiring to meet a person who is so passionate about what they do and how everything in your life is focused towards making your vision a reality. You took the time to teach us that everything is connected and even the littlest action can have a direct impact on the big picture. Johanne, you are our first yoga teacher and we'll always be grateful that you were so patient with us. You made us feel comfortable and helped us connect to a part of us that we were not aware of before. We're excited to see what more yoga has to offer thanks to you. We've told you already how much we like your food but we're super excited for your cookbook and WE LOVE YOUR COOKING!! Thanks again for everything and this is just the first of many visits.

Malena & Richard, Peru/USA

Muchas gracias Johanne y Armando!

We have had the most incredible 5 nights with you, thank you for everything you have taught us. You have the perfect place to relax and feel at peace, after 12 months traveling we were ready for an oasis of calm and that is what we found!

The yoga and meditation sessions were wonderful. We both want to build on what you taught us. We couldn't have asked for a more tranquil setting, looking out to the beautiful nature and hearing the noises of the jungle. Especially the evening yoga sessions when the sun is setting and the shadows look incredible.

Thank you for the amazing food, the colours and flavours and the delicious smoothies, we will attempt to recreate them at home! Hiking to the cascades with Armando was a beautiful day, he is a great host with lots of knowledge, we felt very looked after by both of you.

Doing the 4 nights yoga retreat was the perfect way to prepare for the ayahuasca ceremony of the 5th night. Yoga, hiking, relaxing in the hammocks, swimming in the lagoon, amazing food, comfy beds and learning about the amazing environment we were in. The ayahuasca ceremony was in the perfect setting and we both felt completely safe and relaxed with the shaman recommended by you both. We are so happy we found you and Tambo Ilusión, hopefully one day we will return!


Charlotte and Stewart, England

Hatha yoga

This course is designed to learn and strengthen the basics of Hatha yoga to establish a solid foundation for your practice. The emphasis is put on the basic principles of body alignment that make your practice safe. The focus is on standing poses. The postures are demonstrated and taught with precision and learning is progressive. Postures are maintained a while in order to improve body awareness and muscle tone. Yoga props are used to improve alignment in the postures.

Yoga flow

Yoga flow is a creative style of Hatha yoga where the postures flow together like a dance with the breath. Yoga flow classes are physically challenging. Good body awareness is a must to make this practice safe. This practice is for experienced yogis and yoginis.

Gentle yoga

Gentle yoga is a style of yoga that is less strenuous than other forms of hatha yoga. In gentle yoga classes simple yoga postures and breathing exercises are practiced to achieve a state of wellbeing. The classes focus mostly on floor-supported postures (seated, on hands and knees, lying down) working movement and stillness, activating muscles and joints, creating space in different parts of the body and most of all creating a deep sense of relaxation. Through gentle movements combined with plenty of time to focus on breathing, one achieves a meditative state that helps relax body and mind.

Gentle yoga classes are appropriate for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow paced and relaxing practice. No yoga experience is required. Gentle yoga is accessible to participants of all levels of yoga, in particular, seniors, practitioners who are recovering from injury, as well as those practitioners who are in poor physical condition and those who are simply looking for a more relaxed workout.

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a delightful practice. It is the yoga of deep and conscious relaxation. It is the yoga of "being" rather than a yoga of "doing". It is based on a series of postures during which the body is completely supported (by props and the floor) and each posture is held for a period of 5 to 20 minutes. This practice allows the muscles to relax completely and the body to "sink" into the pose. As the body adapts to the posture, the nervous system enters a state of relaxation, peace and of deep inner healing. When one reaches this level of relaxation the immune system is activated and the body begins to heal. Appropriate to all levels.

Accessible to participants of levels

Prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is an auspicious time to begin or deepen your yoga practice. It's a way to live fully the joy of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga provides a supportive environment for pregnant women to gather and share a practice designed to improve their health and welfare, as well as, the health and welfare of the baby that is growing inside of them.

One must have a healthy pregnancy in order to attend this course. No experience is required. For many women, this course is their first experience with yoga

Prenatal yoga classes focus on the following:

Private session

Ideal for those who cannot commit to a schedule, and/or want even more personalized attention. Contact us to schedule a class.