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"Ama naturaleza" yoga vacation

At Tambo Ilusión, we offer the program "Ama Naturaleza" (Love nature), which is a 5-day yoga vacation in the jungle. This wellness retreat offers the perfect opportunity to connect with your Self and nature by slowing down, breathing fresh air, eating delicious fresh food, observing the present moment and developing physical and mental health. Practice relaxing and reducing stress in your life through a program based on a yoga practice and a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Visualize yourself...

After your morning yoga session and breakfast, enjoy a swim in the beautiful private lagoon, walk along the trail of the protected forest and hug a tree, receive a Reiki treatment, etc. What you choose to do is completely up to you. It's your choice how much or how little you do during your stay with us. You will have the possibility of joining Johanne on a stroll to accompany Ayla, our horse to her paddock and feed her. On the way, you'll stop at a viewpoint where you will enjoy admiring the breathtaking sunset and the horse peacefully grazing while enjoying a healthy drink.

These are all great ways to treat your "nature deficit disorder".

All of the above activities are included and are also optional. If you prefer, you can simply lounge in a hammock reading, do a bit of bird watching, take a siesta or do whatever it is your heart desires. Essentially, the experience is yours to create. Hatha yoga classes will be held twice daily with the morning session being an uplifting, energizing class and the afternoon session designed to calm and restore mind, body and spirit.

Wholesome vegetarian meals are prepared 3 times daily. Meals are shared in our house family style. Fruits and vegetables are fresh and seasonal. Some of the fruit come from our own trees (citrus, papayas, mangoes, bananas, star fruit...). Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advanced notice.

We offer the opportunity to participate in Ayahuasca (a sacred plant of the Amazon) session(s) during your stay for an extra cost.

The "Ama naturaleza" package includes:

  • 4 nights' cozy accommodation

  • Daily vegetarian breakfasts, lunches and suppers

  • filtered drinking water

  • Daily yoga classes (total of 8 classes)

  • Guided nature walk in the protected forest of Tambo Ilusion

  • A complimentary Reiki session to help balance the chakras (30 minutes)

  • A "baño de plantas", an herbal bath to cleanse the aura

  • A mind-body nutrition coaching session

  • An excursion to the Awashiyacu waterfalls, the main tourist attraction of the region

  • A happy hour sunset equine-imity stroll

  • Free time for swimming in the amazing fresh water lagoon, reading, journaling, relaxing...

  • Transfers to and from the airport or bus station

You will be encouraged to keep a journal for the week. Suggestions and writing exercises will be provided to get you started.

"After hundreds of hours of health coaching and training, I've learned that, without a doubt, attending a wellness retreat is one of the best things you can do to create a dramatic shift in your life. Being in an environment where you can focus and make a commitment to your well-being, can alter your life forever in the most amazing ways. As you spend several days moving closer to a "new" way of being, you are actually announcing to the Universe that you are ready to live this way permanently".

- Sarah Anne Stewart

"Ama naturaleza" yoga vacation rates:

Check-in: 3pm, includes supper. If you plan to have lunch (at around 2pm) with us, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

Check-out: noon, includes breakfast. If you wish to have lunch with us, please let us know at least 24 hours ahead.

**See currency converter** for a more accurate conversion.

  • This program is offered:

  • June 12th - June 16

  • September 18th - 22nd

  • October 16th - 20th

  • November 20th -24th

  • December 18th - 22nd

  • Reservations required.

  • Prices include all proposed activities. Ayahuasca sessions can be organized at an extra cost.

  • Yoga mat and other accessories are supplied.

  • Accommodation: the thatched roof tambos (cabanas) are rustic, they have two very comfortable double beds and mosquito netting.

  • Amenities: shared bathrooms, flush toilets, hot water showers and we offer an electricity-free environment (except in the dining area).

  • What yoga experience do you need? Beginners and intermediates of all ages are welcome. If you have little or no experience, the classes will be adapted and modified accordingly. In mixed level classes, classes are generally held at an intermediate level with modifications offered for those less experienced. It is wrong to believe that one is not sufficiently flexible to practice yoga. Those who are not flexible are ideal candidates to begin a yoga practice. There is no competition involved in yoga, least of all with yourself. Everyone works from their own body awareness giving the best of himself.

For those who simply wish to accompany their partner during this yoga retreat, it is indeed possible.

It is also possible to visit tourist attractions of the region during the stay with us (at an extra cost).

If you need help in planning your trip in Peru, we would be happy to give you suggestions.


See detailed program

The program starts on Mondays at 3:00 pm.

Day 1
  Airport pick-up
3:00 pm Welcome drink and orientation
4:30-6:00 Yoga session
7:00 Supper
Free time for star gazing

Day 2
7:30 Cleansing lemon water
8:00-10:00 Yoga and guided meditation practice
10:00-10:15 Meditative stroll**
10:15 Breakfast
11:00 Individual Reiki sessions (of 30 minutes)
Leisure time
2:00 pm Lunch
3:00 Guided nature walk along the forest trail of Tambo Ilusión (1.4km)
4:00 Swim in the lagoon
Herbal bath (ritual of showering with healing herbal water) & free time
5:00-6:30 Yoga and pranayama practice
7:00 Supper

**The meditative stroll after the morning yoga session is to give yourself time in silence to observe the effects of the practice.

Day 3
7:30 Cleansing lemon water
8:00-10:00 Yoga and guided meditation practice
10:00-10:15 Meditative stroll
10:15 Breakfast
Individual Reiki sessions (of 30 minutes)
Leisure time
2:00 pm Lunch
3:00 Mind-body nutriton session and free time
5:00 Pranayama and yoga practice
7:00 Supper

Day 4
7:00 am Cleansing lemon water
7:30-8:30 Yoga practice
8:45-9:15 Breakfast
9:30 Excursion to Awashiyacu waterfalls
1:00 pm Return to Tambo Ilusión
1:30 pm Lunch
Swim in lagoon & free time.
4:00-5:30 Restorative yoga session.
6:30 Happy hour sunset equine-imity stroll
7:30 Supper.
Free time for inner reflection.

Day 5
7:30 Cleansing lemon water
8:00-10:00 Yoga and guided meditation practice
10:00-10:15 Meditative stroll
10:15 Farewell breakfast
Carry what you have learnt from this vacation into the world.

This is to serve as a general outline; activities and times may shift.


Experience the peace that comes from yoga and becoming more connected with nature.

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We look forward to meeting you in the tropical Andes of Peru and sharing this yoga holiday experience.


“Transformative experience” I did the 5 days jungle yoga vacation retreat, I don't know where to start this review as it was 10/10 for me. It was just amazing. I wanted to do more than one retreat in a row (the vegetarian cooking retreat, the Reiki level 1 initiation retreat and the detox & yoga retreat offered at Tambo Ilusion) but I had run out of travel time. All the retreats look amazing and after visiting I want to do them even more! Tambo IIusion was beautiful and Armando and his team do an amazing job at keeping it protected and conserved. It was very inspiring to see and meet someone so dedicated to protecting and conserving his land.

The weather was very hot (September being the hottest time of the year in this area) so don't forget some cooler clothing but also remember to bring long cloths for mosquitos. Don't forget your swimmers either because the lagoon they have is so so so relaxing, you can't not get in it!! I only wore bug spray once on the trek and only gotten bitten once by a sand fly so bonus of this area is the mosquitos aren't crazy. You just need to wear socks and long cloths early morning and early evening.

The yoga was in depth and Johanne was an amazing teacher. She is so descriptive and calm. She has so much knowledge and patience to be able to create an amazing schedule for you and I can see she can customize depending on participant’s level. I have learned so much good stuff from her that will stay with me forever. I have already been to a few classes since I got back home and honestly nothing compares to Johannes teaching! I also received Reiki from Johanne which was incredible and she also “Reikied” my room after I had some bad dreams the night before.

I had fresh lemon tea brought to my cabin each morning by Johanne which was a great start to the day. The food was amazing cooked by Daniel and Gabriella. The meals were created with love and passion, they were absolutely delicious. On my last day I also got to prepare a breakfast with Johanne and it was an amazing end to my stay. I've come home very inspired to eat better, live better and do the thing I love doing more. I’m definitely continuing my yoga practice! This experience was more than I could have asked for and I really hope to return one day! My stay at Tambo was an amazing way to finish my 5 week trip in Peru by attending the yoga retreat and delving deeply into mind body and spirit connection. I'm appreciating my experience even more now that I'm home. Would highly recommend :)

Samantha Vaughan, Australia
September 2016


This fascinating book by Swami Yogananda was first published in 1946. It became an instant classic introducing the west to yogic philosophy and thought. Its writing style is entertaining yet profound, making it accessible to the public at large. Get started on your own yogic journey. You can download a FREE copy of AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI.

At Tambo Ilusión, we have a small collection of yoga and spiritual books which we are happy to share with you during your stay.

Hatha yoga

Este curso está diseñado para aprender los conceptos básicos del Hatha yoga y establecer una base sólida para su práctica. El énfasis está puesto en los principios básicos del alineamiento del cuerpo que aseguran su práctica. La atención se centra en las posturas de pie. Las posturas se demuestran y se enseñan con precisión. El aprendizaje es progresivo. Las posturas se mantienen un tiempo con el fin de mejorar la conciencia corporal y el tono muscular. Los accesorios se utilizan para la alineación en las posturas.

Yoga dinámico

Yoga Dinámico es un estilo creativo de Hatha yoga, donde las posturas fluyen juntas como un baile con la respiración. Yoga Dinámico es físicamente exigente. Buena conciencia corporal es una necesidad para hacer esta práctica segura. Esta práctica es para practicantes experimentados.

Yoga suave

El yoga suave es un estilo de yoga que es mucho menos intenso que otras formas de hatha yoga. En las clases de yoga suave se practican posturas de yoga y ejercicios de respiración sencillos para lograr un estado de bienestar. Las clases se desarrollan mayoritariamente en el suelo (sentado, apoyado sobre manos y rodillas, acostado), trabajando movimiento y quietud, activando músculos y articulaciones, creando espacio en las diferentes partes del cuerpo y sobretodo, creando una profunda sensación de relajación. A través de movimientos suaves combinados con tiempo para concentrarse en la respiración, se logra un estado meditativo que ayuda a relajar cuerpo y mente.

Las clases de yoga suaves son adecuados para aquellos que quieren una práctica suave y acogedora, una práctica de ritmo lento y relajante. No se necesita experiencia previa de yoga para tomar clases de yoga suave. Accesible a participantes de todos los niveles, tales como personas mayores, los que se están recuperando de una lesión, participantes que no están en buena condición física, o incluso aquellos que están buscando simplemente un entrenamiento más relajado.

Yoga restaurativo

El yoga restaurativo es una delicia. Es el yoga de relajamiento profundo y consciente. Es un yoga de "estar" en vez de un yoga de "hacer". Se basa en una serie de posturas durante las cuales el cuerpo está completamente apoyado y se practican por una duración de 5 a 20 minutos cada una. Esta práctica permite que los músculos se relajen completamente y que se dejen "hundir" dentro de la postura. A medida que el cuerpo se amolda a la postura, el sistema nervioso pasa a un estado de relajamiento, paz y una sanación interior profunda. Al llegar a estos niveles de relajamiento el sistema inmunológico se activa y el cuerpo comienza a sanarse. Accesible a participantes de todos los niveles.

Yoga prenatal

El embarazo es un momento extraordinario para iniciar o profundizar la práctica del yoga. Es una manera de vivir plenamente la alegría del embarazo. El yoga prenatal ofrece un ambiente de apoyo para las mujeres embarazadas para que puedan reunirse y compartir una práctica diseñada para mejorar su salud y su bienestar y del bebé que crece dentro de ellas.

Debe tener un embarazo saludable con el fin de asistir a este curso. No se requiere experiencia. Para muchas mujeres, este curso es la primera experiencia del yoga.

La clase de yoga prenatal se centra en los siguientes aspectos:

Clases privadas

Ideales para aquellas personas que no pueden comprometerse con un horario determinado, y/o desean atención aun más personalizada. Comuníquese para coordinar el horario.

Los innumerables beneficios de ducharse con agua fría

Esta costumbre tiene muchísimos beneficios para todo el organismo. Cada órgano del cuerpo se abastece de sangre y por ello necesita una limpieza constante. Cuando esto sucede, las glándulas cambian su secreción y se vuelven más jóvenes. La ducha fría ayuda a que esa sangre se renueve, favoreciendo la circulación.

Además, esta práctica tiene innumerables beneficios para la salud y el bienestar. Ducharse con agua fría ayuda a sentir las piernas más descansadas, es ideal para despertarnos y activarnos, es un buen remedio para aquellas personas que sufren asma e, incluso, tonifica y revitaliza los músculos.

También ayuda a combatir la depresión. En las horas posteriores tenemos una sensación de placer y bienestar.

Ni hablemos de la reacción en los testículos de un hombre, mejora notablemente la calidad y la producción de los espermatozoides.

Es una de las recetas de la "eterna juventud".

Aunque para unos es difícil tomar este baño, intenta empezar poco a poco; introduce los pies, luego las piernas, muslos, caderas y cuerpo. El recorrido debe ser siempre en dirección al corazón para favorecer la circulación, como el caso de los brazos donde debes comenzar por las manos y terminar luego en los hombros.

Y no solo es un beneficio para la salud sino que además significa no usar energía mientras que uno se baña. Esto resulta en menos calentamiento global. Por lo tanto, además de saber que se está ayudando a sí mismo, puede darse una ducha sabiendo que usted está poniendo su granito de arena para el medio ambiente también!


In the spirit of supporting your practice as well as that of your fellow Yogis we ask that you follow a few guidelines to help make everyone's practice more fruitful.